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School-Based Services

"A lot of times teachers don't have a choice but to send students that are disrupting class, right out the door but now instead of punishing them and sending them to the principles office, some schools have the option of letting them sit and talk about their problems." -Bryan Callahand 

"Attendance is higher, test scores are better, the atmosphere and the rapport of the student population much happier!" - Shari Brown

Schools We Service

  • Valley High School

  • Basic High School

  • Spring Valley High School

  • Cheyenne High School

  • Brown Middle School

  • Silverado High School

  • Walter Long Elementary

  • Hollingsworth Elementary

  • Arbor View High School

  • El Dorado High School

  • Legacy High School

  • Doris French Elementary School

  • Findlay Middle School

  • Monaco Middle School

  • CCSD Family Resource Center

Year In Review

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